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Sexual Assault Happens On Campuses, Too

The phone call in the middle of the night pulls you out of a deep sleep.  It is your child telling you that someone at college is making an allegation of physical or sexual assault against him or her.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that occurs with increasing frequency. These young adults are on their own for the first time. They are often living in a "hook up" culture and may start relationships without a lot of caution or forethought. Furthermore, parents who may be far away may not be able to offer much day-to-day guidance or support. 

The prevalence of such charges can escalate during the holidays because it's a stressful time with students preparing for final exams and winter break. Additionally, with much of the campus in a celebratory mood, parties are common and the alcohol is flowing which can contribute to situations that encourage claims of non-consensual activity.

If you should get that dreaded middle-of-the-night phone call from your child or even the police, the first thing you need to do is to advise your child to remain silent until he or she can consult with an attorney.  A student facing these allegations will have to navigate not only potential criminal charges, but often a challenging school discipline process.  It is critical that legal counsel be consulted immediately as the consequences for a student's future can be life altering.

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