Drug Sales And Distribution Defense

Simply possessing a large quantity of drugs may cause police to arrest you and charge you with drug sales and distribution. State and federal laws specify the amounts of each drug and the penalties for possessing, selling and manufacturing it.

The penalties for conviction are harsh, especially at the federal level. Federal drug charges can have mandatory minimum sentences.

If you are charged with drug sales or distribution, we recommend that you work with our knowledgeable attorneys. At Green & Utter, P.A., in Manchester, we have more than 65 years of combined legal experience. We can defend you in state and federal courts across New Hampshire.

State And Federal Drug Crime Defense

With our experience, we understand the severe nature of drug penalties. We thoroughly investigate each case and examine all evidence for admissibility. This includes determining whether the search and seizure was performed legally. If law enforcement violated your rights, we can file motions to have the resulting evidence suppressed. In some cases, suppression of evidence can lead to the dismissal of the charges.

We can defend you against any state or federal drug charge, including:

  • Sales and distribution
  • Trafficking
  • Conspiracy to sell
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Manufacturing

We also assist clients with asset forfeiture in drug cases. If the government has seized money, a vehicle, your home or other property in conjunction with a drug case, speak with us to learn how we may help you protect your property.

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